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One of the most important therapy principles of all is:
Ask clearly and directly for what you want!

That's what I'm doing here.


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Please keep telling your friends about this site!

If you've read Letters from Visitors you know that a lot of good happens because of this site.

Even without advertising, the number of people who visit this site consistently goes up about 5% per month. At the current rate, about 100,000 visitors will click on HelpYourselfTherapy in the next twelve months. And everything good that happens here happens because people like you keep spreading the word.

The easiest way to tell your friends is to click on "Send This Page To A Friend" (at the bottom of every page).

Think especially of all the "helpers" you know: therapists, counselors, clergy, all of the caring people. They know other people who want this kind of information - and they can use this information for themselves and in their attempts to help others. Therapy groups, support groups, church groups, book clubs and nearly every other kind of organization you might belong to may be interested in our healthy info.

I need your comments!

This site is a one-man operation. I can't hire a staff to help with a nonprofit endeavor, so my visitors are my staff.

The easiest way to help is to click on "Send me your comments about this page" (bottom of every page). Use this form for every topic you read, or just for the ones you feel most strongly about. When you add a personal comment, that helps the most.

If you find typos, or you think something is particularly unclear or confusing, please let me know.

If you know that something factual I say here is wrong, tell me!

If you have a whole different point of view than mine and you want to teach me about it, please send a detailed e-mail by clicking on "Tony Schirtzinger, Therapist-Milwaukee" (bottom of every page). I will acknowledge your letter and I might want to discuss our differing points of view.

Money does help!

This site is nonprofit. I don't advertise and I don't accept ads. The costs of running this site aren't compensated.

I do sell a few things at What You Can Buy Here but these things are mostly provided as a courtesy and there's no real profit involved.

The bottom line is simply this: Contributions help, I accept them, and I appreciate small and large ones equally.

To make a contribution, just write to me by clicking on "Tony Schirtzinger, Therapist-Milwaukee" (bottom of every page). Tell me what you'd like to contribute and let me know if you want to use a credit card or send a check.

Your knowledge and skill can help.

If you are an expert in an area that applies to this site, and if you are willing to advise me for free, that would be great.

Some of the experts I know I could use are:

COMPUTER EXPERTS - Sometimes when my computer isn't working, people who want my help are stranded for a while. I need someone who is willing to answer what might seem to them to be basic computer questions to make my life easier. (I'm not computer illiterate. I just need someone to call when I get stuck.)

PUBLISHERS - By now you probably know that my major motivation is my belief that: "Everyone deserves to know what therapists know!" You can help me with this if you know new ways to get broad exposure for the information at this site. I am currently working with an editor/agent who is looking into this for me, but your ideas and personal contacts can also help. I would like to publish without a whole lot of new writing, but I do understand that much work would be needed to organize the material differently, to make editing and formatting changes, etc.

ADVERTISING - I've done a pretty good job of getting listed on search engines and on most of the large psychology sites, but I'm sure there are other free and easy ways to advertise that I'm not aware of. If you know about such things, please teach me.

CARTOONING AND GRAPHICS - It would be fun to work with someone on a few cartoon-like animations for this site, but, although I love to draw designs and weird stuff (see Fun Stuff ), I can't draw anything that looks real! If you think you'd Enjoy working with me on such a project, please let me know.

YOUR TALENTS - Your particular talents might be just what this site needs! If you have ideas about how you can share your talents, let's talk about it!

What I want most is for you to PARTICIPATE.

Participate in any way you like.

Your opinions and your kindness will always be greatly appreciated.

Please Tell Your Friends About This Site.

Enjoy Your Changes!

Everything here is designed to help you do just that!


Write To Me, I Want To Hear From You!
Tony Schirtzinger, Therapist (Milwaukee) 

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