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Use Topics At This Site As Your Own Postal Newsletter

Every topic at this site was originally written
as a double-sided postal newsletter.

Build your practice as I have.
Choose any twelve topics.
Send two topics every-other-month
as your own practice-building newsletter.

With each mailing you will:
Build your practice.
Enhance your reputation.
Demonstrate your competence.

All therapists need to advertise in this era of managed care - but most of the advertising therapists use is a personal and professional embarrassment.  That's why Psychotherapy Finances covered this web site three separate times, discussing and demonstrating the unique opportunity these newsletters represent for the health of your practice.

There are more than one hundred topics at this site now and new ones are being added regularly.

Choose any 12 topics and pay just $250.00 per year for all the newsletter content you will ever need.

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Write To Me, I Want To Hear From You!
Tony Schirtzinger, Therapist (Milwaukee) 

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